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When it comes to the conversion process of OLM data to MBOX data, people prefer to have the best options for the efficient migration process. It is important for the users to get the Gladwev Software to have a safe and reliable transfer of OLM data to Apple Mail data. One of the foremost reasons for using the Gladwev Software is, it gives the users the freedom of selecting the important OLM data to MBOX data. Gladwev Software Company offers its users user-friendly interfaces which assist them in installing the OLM Converter Pro on their desktops. Furthermore, it helps the users throughout the migration process of Outlook Mac data to Apple Mail data. Some of the important features which are necessary for the users to understand to complete the data conversion process with utmost efficiency.

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Gladwev Software Company developed the OLM Converter Pro keeping in mind the user’s needs and requirements. Other data conversion tool failed to render the necessary data conversion features to the users. The amazing the features which the users witness when they start the conversion process with the assistance of the OLM Converter Pro are simply phenomenal. The brilliant features of the OLM Converter Pro are below which makes the conversion process of the users easy and very effective.

  1. Firstly, the Gladwev’s OLM Converter Pro offers the users a free demo version to them which allows them to understand the performance of the Gladwev Software and also makes sure that how the entire conversion process takes place. In the demo, version users are allowed to convert a maximum of ten OLM files per folder to MBOX data.
  2. The Gladwev Software converts the entire conversion of OLM data to MBOX data on its own with the least involvement of the users. The OLM Converter Pro automatically converts the OLM data to MBOX data and gives the users amazing results.
  3. The Gladwev Software is the safest data conversion application which is available on the software market. It makes sure that the users safely get the finished MBOX data and no MBOX data is left behind when the conversion process is over. The Gladwev Software has become the most reliable data conversion process which gives the users the perfect solutions for all the questions which the users have to the conversion process.
  4. The OLM Converter Pro also preserves the hierarchy structure of the MBOX data after the conversion process. Hierarchy structure is the order in which the folders of the email client get displayed to the users. This also includes the OLM files which are available in all the folders. The users get the same order of the files and folders which were previously available in Outlook Mac.
  5. The Gladwev Software also protects the uni-code data different languages such as French, German, Korean and Chinese languages. These language use double-byte for the smooth and efficient migration of OLM data to MBOX data. The Gladwev Software takes a few hours to complete the process perfectly.
  6. The company also offers free technical assistance to the users when they get stuck during the conversion process of OLM data to Apple Mail format. The technical assistance team works 24/7 for the globe users in case they have any issue relating to migration process of Outlook Mac data to Apple Mail data.

The users can choose from various licenses which are offered by the company. The four licenses are a single user, household license, commercial and enterprise license. The prices of the licenses start from 59 USD to 599 USD.

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